Trials of Fate: The Champion of Kirkwall follows the life of the apostate, Jayson Hawke, as he tries to take care of his family while hiding his magical talents from the magic-fearing world and the Templars who seek to capture all mages.


When the Blight forces him and his family from their home, they travel to the Templar-controlled city of Kirkwall, where Jayson must do whatever it takes to balance survival with his need for secrecy.


Jayson’s efforts to join an expedition that would provide all the coin he could possibly need to provide for his family would lead him to a former Grey Warden and fellow mage bent on freeing mages from the iron-clad fist of the Templars.


Their meeting would forever change the course of Jayson’s life … and shake the foundations of the world itself.

Your journey to Thedas awaits…

Trials of Fate: The Dragon Age Chronicles are a series of fan-fiction novels based in the world of Dragon Age owned by BioWare and written by J. Toryn Frost.

Many characters, locations, and organizations belong to BioWare and their fantastic writing team, without which this story would not have been possible.