Trials of Fate: The Herald of Andraste follows the the aftermath of an explosion, the only survivor of which being the rebel mage, Aidan Trevelyan, who is captured by the Chantry and blamed for the catastrophes now sweeping across Thedas.


When he proves to have the newly discovered power over the tears forming in the Veil, a power rumored to have been given to him by Andraste, Bride of the Maker, he is taken in by the newly formed Inquisition to aid in their efforts to restore peace before it is too late.


Demons, political intrigue, and the mystery behind his power all weigh heavily on the so-called Herald of Andraste, and doubt is his companion as he comes face to face with a threat long forgotten by the world. A threat only he has the power to stop.

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Trials of Fate: The Dragon Age Chronicles are a series of fan-fiction novels based in the world of Dragon Age owned by BioWare and written by J. Toryn Frost.

Many characters, locations, and organizations belong to BioWare and their fantastic writing team, without which this story would not have been possible.